'Portlandia' Slams The Art World In The Best Way Possible

After months of anticipation, we finally tuned in to the Season 4 premiere of "Portlandia," and the almighty duo that is Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen did not disappoint.

One hilariously art-centric sketch poked fun at the conventions of creating "shocking" anti-corporate art. Using the mantra "Ronald McDonald plus something violent and crazy, like money, equals shock," Armisen, playing a community college professor, leads his students on a bizarre life-painting sesh with a Ronald McDonald-clad model.

Anyone who has ever rolled their eyes at a pair of golden arches in an art fair or gallery will appreciate the satiric reminder that this cliché subject matter is most always bo-ring. Please, art students of the world, no more Mickey D's!

Watch "Portlandia" take a stab at conceptual art here, and see bona fide artists take on television in our "Artists on TV" slideshow below:

Artists on TV