03/03/2014 04:38 pm ET Updated Mar 03, 2014

Soldier's Homecoming Catches Brothers By Surprise At Indiana Pacers Game (VIDEO)

What's better than winning $300 in a shooting contest during an NBA game?

How about winning the money and having a surprise reunion with your brother, who just returned home from a deployment in Afghanistan?

Aaron and Brandon Rector, two brothers and Indiana Pacers fans, had that unique surprise Sunday night in Indiana while attending the Pacers game against the Utah Jazz. During a timeout, the two were called to the court for a basketball shooting contest and won $300 for making a free throw and a three-pointer in 45 seconds.

After the time elapsed, though, they had one more surprise: Their brother, Justin, a military vet who had just returned home from Afghanistan, was waiting with their money.

The full segment is available here, via the NBA, or you can watch the Pacers' Instagram video, below:

(Story continues) writes Justin was "overwhelmed by the moment" and couldn't lift his head at first. Aaron and Brandon were similarly shocked, falling to their knees mid-court before sprinting to their brother for a massive group hug.

The touching moment sent fans both to their feet and to their Twitter accounts, where they recounted the emotion. "I am still tearing up!" writes one witness. Adds another, "so sweet! Brought a tear to my eye!"

The reunion wasn't the only win of the evening for the Rectors; the Pacers beat the Jazz 94-91.