03/03/2014 02:15 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Out About Uganda And Nigeria's Anti-Gay Laws

The Human Rights campaign released a video last week of actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg speaking out about the recent anti-gay legislation to pass in Uganda and Nigeria.

In the video, Goldberg not only presents a call to action for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in these parts of the world, but she also delivers a message for the leaders of these two nations.

"It isn't right to imprison someone for who they are, for who they love," Goldberg states in the above video. "It isn't right to tell people they shouldn't be able to speak up for equality. It's not cool to have people pointing and saying, 'Yeah, there's somebody that I believe is this or that' and someone can take them away. This is not good in any part of the country, in any part of the world -- on our Earth at all. My opinion -- so I have a message for the presidents of Nigeria and Uganda: you are on the wrong side of history."

Other members of the entertainment industry have also used their platform over the past several weeks to bring visibility to recent anti-gay legislation, both locally and abroad. Last week actor George Takei published an open letter on his blog that called on Americans to boycott Arizona in wake of the state's "religious freedom" bill, calling the legislation "a Jim Crow law."

Check out Goldberg's message above.



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