03/03/2014 04:17 pm ET Updated Mar 03, 2014

In Ukraine, Social Media Users Have A Message For Former President Yanukovych (PHOTOS)

Whether posting constant updates to twitter or capturing the revolution via Instagram, Ukrainians have been incredibly adept at using social media to help those of us abroad interpret the key events going on inside the country. However, this isn't quite that.

Over the weekend, before the tense standoff in the Crimea region had fully escalated, a new trend in Ukraine's social media use began. As first reported by GlobalPost, the hashtag #факяныку, which loosely translates into 'Fuck Yanuk', began popping up on Twitter. Photographing themselves a la Ai Wei Wei, droves of Ukrainians flipped the bird to an image of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych displayed on their monitors.

Some of these were fairly straightforward: Some more elaborate:

And some downright artistic:

All of the photographers, however, had the same message for their fugitive president. The Twitter trend is indicative of how much disdain there is for the ousted Yanukovych in parts of the country. At the same time, it's strange sight to see a once powerful politician reduced to a meme.



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