03/04/2014 02:19 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2014

How These 15 Celebrities Are Helping Shape Our Future

Gary Miller via Getty Images

Children in your community may be learning in schools founded by celebrities famous for their work in music or movies.

In recent years, a select group of public figures and celebrities have lent their philanthropic hands to opening schools across the country or abroad. While some, like famed rapper Pitbull, have opened charter schools in their home communities, others, like actress Angelina Jolie, have founded schools in disadvantaged communities overseas.

Some of the celebrity-operated schools have been successful, and some have seen their share of problems. For others, it’s too soon to tell. Of course, you don't need a teaching background to be influential in education.

Here's a list of celebrities who have opened schools in recent years.

Celebrities Who Have Opened Schools