03/04/2014 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kristin Davis' Surprising 'Sex And The City' Regret


A decade after the "Sex And The City" finale, Kristin Davis (Charlotte) has something she needs to get off her chest.

“I do feel guilt about the heels,” Davis told The Telegraph of the shoes she and her "Sex And The City" co-stars wore throughout the entire series. "It did seem we were trying to say to women, ‘You should be wearing heels like these.'"

"Were they beautiful shoes? Yes. Were they appropriate for the characters? Yes, that’s what women like that wear," she continued. "But it became a bigger picture thing, where it seemed women should be wearing them every day.”

Although Davis said she mostly wears flats now, she may have to dust off those Manolos one last time.

“Sarah Jessica and I both know what that final chapter is," "Sex And The City" producer Michael Patrick King told EW earlier this month. "That doesn’t mean it will or should be told, but I do think there’s one story left ... There’s four girls, and those girls are still in my mind. There are other stories to tell and characters that haven’t even been written yet."

Well, if "Sex And The City 3" does happen, here's to hoping Davis and the rest of the "Sex And The City" ladies will be clad in more comfortable footwear.

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