03/04/2014 09:13 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2014

7-Year-Old Who Lost Family In Building Collapse Gets Adopted By Nurse Who Treated Her


The little girl who lost her entire family in a building collapse in India last year has finally got some good news.

Sandhya Thakur, 7, was orphaned last April when a residential building collapsed in a suburb of Mumbai. On Saturday, after a series of legal obstacles to determine that she has no living relatives, police issued a no-objection certificate allowing Sandhya to be adopted by Veena Kadle, according to the Mumbai Mirror.

Kadle is the senior nurse at Sion Hospital who treated Sandhya's injuries for 23 days after the child was rescued from the building rubble.

"Over the three weeks, [Sandhya] grew extremely attached to me," Kadle told the Mumbai Mirror. "I started missing her immensely when she was discharged from the hospital and sent to an orphanage."

After a 10-month ordeal, authorities confirmed through DNA samples that Sandhya has no remaining family members and allowed the adoption.

This happy turn reminds us of another recent heartwarming adoption.

Last October, the photographer behind Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton, used Facebook to fund the adoption of a little boy.

Stanton helped raise more than $77,000 so a couple could afford the adoption of their son, Richard, from Ethiopia.



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