03/05/2014 01:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Get Your Face Full-On Fabulous In Just Five Minutes, Seriously (VIDEO)

While it would be nice to possess the time and skill to contour and glam-up our faces each morning, we're not Kim Kardashian, and let's be honest, we shouldn't be caking our skin with all that makeup in the first place.

This is precisely why we jumped for joy when Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue's beauty and health director, created a video tutorial outlining her tips on how to achieve a perfectly pretty face in just five minutes. Armed with only three of her favorite products, Elaine definitely proves that less is more. Check it out...

And if that tickles your fancy, you'll love the rest of the clips from Elaine's weekly video series "3 Steps" -- which include gems like how-to achieve a killer cat eye, top knot and selfie, to name a few!

Elaine isn't the only fly girl you should be taking cues from...

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