03/05/2014 01:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anderson Cooper Shows 'Extraordinary' Scene In Kiev's Independence Square

Anderson Cooper believes that Kiev's Independence Square is "one of the most extraordinary locations" he has ever broadcasted from.

The CNN anchor has been in Kiev since Monday covering the growing political tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Independence Square was the scene of brutal fighting as anti-government protestors clashed with police.

Broadcasting from Kiev Tuesday and Wednesday, Anderson Cooper showed viewers the square — now filled with memorials to the dead, as well as remnants of the fighting.

In Anderson's words:

"Hundreds of people if not thousands come every single day to pay their respects to those who died here, people they considered martyrs... They bring flowers, pile them up here, there are mementos of the fight."

flowers kiev

"Here is a gas mask, somebody's gas mask that they've left. Cigarettes, all sorts of flowers, religious objects as well."

gas mask

"You see all throughout, scattered as well... photographs of those who died, often placed on the spots where the people died."

photos independence square

"This is one of the most impressive barricades. Just made with every object they could find, tires, metal, fencing, sheet rock."

anderson cooper

"You still find weapons all around. They're saving everything. These are bottles, beer bottles used for Molotov cocktails with wires tied around the top to make it easier to throw them."

anderson cooper