03/05/2014 09:40 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2014

I Was Born To A Heroin Addict In The Prison System And Now I'm A Master At Conquering Uncertainty


I was born into uncertainty. Subsequently, I’m kind of a pro at it. My first step into the landscape of uncertainty began with the day I was born in a prison hospital. My birthmother, a heroin addict, was pregnant when she was sentenced for drug-related crimes, and I lived with her in prison for my first year, along with two hundred or so other inmates, the guards and a warden. It was an entire universe of uncertainty.

I was an ambiguously multiracial child, a blend from both genetic sides of Greek, Taiwanese, Latina, and from a prison file reference, a question raised whether my birth father was biracial white/African American. I’m still in the process of DNA testing to find out more.

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