03/05/2014 04:16 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2014

'Reign' Clip Show's Mary's Final Wedding Decision

Mary Queen of Scots is about to face the most important decision of her life in the March 6 episode of "Reign." On her wedding day she must choose to marry her first love Francis or his step-brother Bash.

In the former suitor, she finds the man whom she was destined to be with, the royal heir to France. But if Nostradamus' prediction comes true, their marriage will kill Francis. The attraction between Mary and Bash is undeniable, but viewers have been led to believe that she'll only marry him if the pope declares him the legitimate heir to the throne of France. In the above clip, exclusively on HuffPost TV, the queen of France delivers the pope's decision hours before Mary's wedding. "Now you're free to go to the man you love," the queen says. But who knows which prince that means anymore.

Who do you think Mary will wed?

"Reign" airs Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.