03/05/2014 07:33 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2014

Steak Sauce Recipes That Go Way Beyond A1 (PHOTOS)

How Sweet It Is

The secret to a great steak -- aside from treating it right in the kitchen -- is the sauce. A good steak only gets better when its paired with an awesome steak sauce. And we're not talking about A1 or any other store-bought, pre-made steak sauce. No. If you want a killer steak sauce (and steak), you need to start from scratch every time.

Whether you'd like your steak to have a rich, buttery creaminess to it or if you're looking to top it with a light and refreshing herb salsa, you can count on homemade steak sauce. These sauces will bring your steak up a notch -- or 10.

We found the 15 best recipes the internet has to offer in the quest for better steak. Take it and eat great steak.

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