03/05/2014 04:36 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2014

I Knew My Life Would Change After This Tragic Moment

Carolyn Fisher, a retired nurse, joined HuffPost Live's host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to share the traumatic event that completely changed her outlook on life.

"The moment I knew that my life was always going to be different was the day I found myself lying on my kitchen floor being strangled by a man who I thought loved me, and I really, really, really thought I was going to die, and it flashed in my head: 'I can't die here, I cannot. I have children, I have grandchildren,' and somehow or another I pushed him off," Fisher shared.

Being a victim of domestic abuse not only changed her perspective on life, but as a nurse, it changed the way she treated her patients.

"Life teaches you. Moments in your life teach you how to help people," she said.

Fisher made it a point to be progressive at the hospital she worked in. She made sure "every bathroom in that hospital had little cards for people to call." She also helped design the computer program that all nurses use to ensure they ask every patient whether they've had any violence in their lives, "because the statistics show that women do not tell that because it's a shameful, horrible feeling, especially for me," Fisher said.

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