03/06/2014 04:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bacon Alarm Clock Means Bacon Has Finally Conquered The Universe

The best part of waking up is bacon in your grill.

Now you can be assured that bacon will be in your dreams. Or at least interrupting them.

Wakey-wakey to the bacon alarm clock. It was inevitable.

Oscar Mayer cooked up a gizmo to convert your smartphone into a fragrant frying pan of sizzling you-know-what. You plug in a small rectangular attachment into the iPhone headphone jack and, enabled by an app, the sounds and smell of bacon assault your senses when it's time to rise and shine. (Story continues below.)

bacon clock

Oscar Mayer will give out 4,700 of the devices in a drawing through April 4, the company said in a press release. Click here for your chance.

To inspire you -- as if bacon lollipops and bacon-stripped cars weren't enough -- Oscar Mayer has created a sexy bacon-filled fantasy (is there any other kind?) to announce its alarm. (Watch below.)

Time never smelled so much like Sunday morning.

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