03/07/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bernie Kerik, Giuliani's Police Commissioner: I Haven't Spoken To Rudy In Years

After a series of scandals that landed him in federal prison, former New York Police Department Commissioner Bernie Kerik tells HuffPost Live that his one-time mentor, Rudy Giuliani, is still giving him the cold shoulder. Kerik joined Marc Lamont Hill from CPAC Friday to discuss his new mission to reform the US prison system, New York's new mayor and police chief, and of course, Giuliani.

When asked if he felt abandoned by his former boss, Kerik replied "I haven't talked to him in years." Kerik explained that he has not spoken to Rudy since he went under federal investigation in 2006, but also noted that Giuliani hasn't even reached out to him since his release from prison last May.

During his post as top-cop under Giuliani's administration, the two enjoyed a particularly close, loyal relationship. The former mayor was criticized for overlooking glaring signs into Kerik's corruption charges.

Kerik went on to say that he still considers Giuliani a friend saying "He's a friend, but he's also a politician... and just because I haven't spoken to him, that doesn't mean he's not a friend."

On Friday, Kerik expressed hope that he and Giuliani would be able to speak again, saying he had an immense amount of respect for the former mayor.