03/08/2014 01:26 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2014

Chrissy Teigen Talks Babies With John Legend: 'I Would Love To Have Four'

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Chrissy Teigen -- model, Twitter aficionado and wife of John Legend -- opened up to Life & Style about what the future holds for her photogenic family.

The magazine caught up with Teigen at the London Fog Designer's Collection event in New York on March 4 and asked her, point blank, if kids are something she'd like to have.

"Oh, yeah. I'm very open about that," Teigen, 28, replied. "John is going to be a wonderful father. He's such a wonderful uncle. He has lots of nieces and nephews and he's so great with them."

Life & Style then asked Teigen when, exactly, we can expect the joyous Twitter announcement. "If it happened two years ago, I would have wanted them two years ago," she said. "But now looking back I'm like, whoa, thank goodness because this would be exhausting now. But I want a bunch, so if it happens it happens. I'm ready ... I've been ready and if there's anyone in the world who deserves to be a father, it's him."

As for her number, Teigen divulged: "Everyone says that once you have one, I'll change my mind, but I would love to have four. I come from a very small family. I think I'm the last one with this name, so I would love to have four, but we'll see after one. One might kill me."

Oh, we simply cannot wait for those baby pics on Instagram.

This isn't the first time Teigen has been candid about her desire for a family. In November of last year, Teigen told People magazine she's "definitely antsy" about having kids with her new husband. "I can't wait to be the parent that I always make fun of!" she said.

Last month, Teigen told ABC News: "We definitely have plans for kids. ... I want a ton, he wants a ton, so I guess it's time to start."

For more with Teigen, including her Oscar-night Twitter gaffe, head over to Life & Style.



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