03/08/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vacation Activities You Shouldn't Be Embarrassed About

We're often so busy worrying about making the most of every trip--nay--every precious moment out of the office that we can forget to not sweat the small stuff. And sweating the small stuff stinks.

Herewith, 19 things to not worry about when on a trip.

1. To pay a visit to McDonald's. You are legitimately curious about the taste of Croque McDo.

2. To not Instagram the hell out of every view you see on vacation.

3. To not visit Or one.

4. To not stand in line for an eternity to try the latest food craze in NYC (see: cronut).

5. To want to take a taxi around town instead of the subway.

6. To wear cute shoes instead of sneakers on that walking tour.

7. To have absolutely no desire to go to Paris ever again.

8. To think any and all Disney parks are the greatest places on earth.

9. To still check a bag. #YOLO

10. To use the hotel safe for items that definitely don't belong in a safe, like, say socks. Whatever makes you feel special.

11. To spend money on a tacky shot glass. ...hey, you'll use it.

12. Turn off your phone and ignore the planet for a while.

13. To be a little selfish and go do your own thing apart from the group (re: selfie time).

14. To spend a night in your hotel bed with a movie instead of "soaking up culture" for the zillionth hour.

15. To want to live at the swim-up bar.

16. To be really sad to miss your favorite TV shows while out of the country.

17. To have created a soundtrack for every trip.

18. To miss disposable cameras.

19. To want to return to work...badly.