03/09/2014 10:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Perfect Quotes From HBO's 'Girls' Season 3, Episode 10


Here at HuffPost Women, one of the things we love most about Lena Dunham's HBO show, "Girls," is the incisive, witty and hilarious dialogue that Dunham and the rest of her writing team come up with every week. So instead of simply recapping Season 3, we decided to pick five quotable gems from each episode.

Episode 10: "Role Play"

After last week's standalone episode, Hannah is back in the city and the season is winding down. To start, Hannah gets so drunk at happy hour that her male co-worker brings her to his place to hose her off and put her to bed. After her apology to Adam is met with relative indifference and he denies her offer of a midday romp, Hannah resolves to bring some heat back to a relationship cooled by full-time jobs and domestic monotony. Marnie considers a job as an assistant to her ex-lover's ex-assistant, Soo Jin, but at least she has freestyle jam sessions with Desi as a creative outlet. Fed up with living in Jasper and Jessa's coke den, Shoshanna recruits Jasper's daughter (Felicity Jones) for an intervention. Across town, Hannah and Adam are engaged in an elaborate role-play scenario. Hannah is a horny, bewigged wife to "Marphaniel," or sometimes "Jardaniel" who wears an undergarment that looks like a harness for a very aggressive pet. This seems to work for Adam, but lingerie can only abate reality for so long. Real talk ensues and Adam takes some drastic measures to clear his head.


1. Soo Jin on the demands of modern womanhood: "I can't be a woman and a girlfriend and a gallerist and an electronic musician all at once. It's just too many things."

2. Hannah on sex-gone-stale: "That romance, that mystery, that thrill -- that goes. There's nothing weird or exciting about our sexual life anymore... He's treating me like an ottoman with a vagina."

3. Shosh on Dottie's daughterly merits: "Dotty graduated cum laude from Barnard. She works at a travel book company. She does magical singing on the side. She's dating an Egyptian so she's like -- super knowledgable about what's going on there. She is an incredibly inspiring person."

4. Jardaniel's wife on her pied-à-terre: "This is where my husband puts me. He worries about me -- a lot. So he left some stuff for me so I wouldn't get into trouble. Strawberries, champagne -- a dildo which I already destroyed from overuse."

5. Adam on Hannah's antics: "I have a job to do now. I'm trying to focus. I'm not here to fill up your life with f*cking stories for your f*cking twitter."