Soccer Player Confesses He Tripped, Shows Us The True Meaning Of Sportsmanship

How's this for sportsmanship?

During Saturday's soccer match pitting Werder Bremen against FC Nürnberg, Bremen midfielder Aaron Hunt appeared to have been tripped in Nürnberg's penalty box. But what seemed to be a clear penalty -- and the referee called as such -- turned into a remarkable display of class.

Hunt immediately approached the ref, bashfully shaking his head, and acknowledged the fall was his own fault. He then persuaded the referee to overturn the call. The player's noble action prompted grateful players from the opposite team to line up, shake his hand and say thanks.

During a post-game interview with Bundesliga, the German soccer league, Hunt explained what was going through his head at the time.

He [the referee] pointed to the spot quite quickly and I told him that I'd actually contrived it slightly. I did look for the contact, but then I noticed that their defender pulled out of the challenge. I fought with my conscience for a moment, but I don't want to win that way. I must admit I looked up at the clock a lot more often than usual in those final ten minutes.

Watch the fantastic example of sportsmanship, above.