03/10/2014 09:49 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2014

Miles O'Brien Opens Up About The Horrible Accident That Cost Him His Arm

Reporter Miles O'Brien spoke to PBS on Friday about the aftermath of the horrifying accident that cost him his arm.

O'Brien had to have his arm amputated last month after a case of television equipment fell on his arm and caused "acute compartment syndrome." Remarkably, he wrote about the accident in an essay just two weeks after it happened and has gone on to finish two pieces that aired on "PBS NewsHour."

On Friday, he spoke to Judy Woodruff about his current condition. O'Brien said that he is experiencing "phantom limb pain," which he described as being "extremely painful." He also discussed the prospect of getting "attachments" to restore some of the functions he lost with his arm.

When asked how he is coping with the loss, O'Brien said, "You have a choice in life, wherever you are in life... I love what Winston Churchill said. You know, if you’re going through hell, just keep going."

He added that focusing on his reporting "got [him] through a very tough time."

"What I want people to know most — more than anything is that — not to worry about me, that I will be OK," O'Brien continued. "I can figure this out. It’s — it’s surmountable. It’s not fun. It’s not something I would wish on anybody, but it can be done."

Watch his comments in the full clip above.