03/11/2014 04:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sideshow Star Insectavora Paints With A Brush Up Her Nose (VIDEO)

Insectavora has laid on a bed of nails. She's walked on glass, eaten fire, and if you want some not-so-fine art, she'll jam a paintbrush up her nose.

"This is just how I do it," she told HuffPost Weird News, before presenting the team with a black-and-white watercolor original.

The heavily tattooed sideshow star, otherwise known as Angelica Velez of Brooklyn, ate a worm as a dare when she was a little girl. Before too long she was inserting all sorts of things in her mouth and up her nose, for many years as a star attraction on Coney Island's boardwalk.

The human blockhead -- a title she embraces because of her ability to hammer nails up her nose -- is currently on tour with Ward Hall's "World Of Wonders" show.

"Come see my shows sometime. If you like that, I have other things that I promise will amaze you."

insectavora art

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