03/11/2014 10:59 am ET

Jon Stewart Is Shocked That A Pope Magazine Actually Exists

Jon Stewart knows that Pope Francis has had a big year, but the Pope's latest accomplishment had the "Daily Show" host almost speechless Monday night.

The Mondadori publishing house announced in March that they would be launching "Il Mio Papa," the Pope's very own magazine. Stewart was shocked, but nonetheless excited about its potential.

"A supermarket tabloid about God's emissary on earth-- I don't like it," Stewart said. "I LOVE IT!"

Stewart was looking forward to stories he imagined would include, "15 tips to better love thy neighbor" and "10 prayers that drive God wild." But then he found out that the magazine will also include a pull-out centerfold poster with pictures and quotes from the Pope-- and suddenly he wasn't so sure that the magazine would be appropriate for all ages.

"Slow down there kiddies!" he said. "I guess that'll have to go behind the newsstand counter."

Watch the video for the full "Daily Show" clip.



Jon Stewart