03/11/2014 03:47 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2014

The New York Times Is Being Menaced By A 'Meat Cloud' Again


The New York Times has a smelly situation on its hands.

It appears that the overwhelming smell of meat that plagued many of the newspaper's staffers more than a year ago is back. The Newspaper Guild reported Tuesday that employees have been complaining about a strong "odor of cooking meat" lurking throughout the office:

Several weeks ago, a group of BizDay reporters on the second floor of the Times building alerted us to an odor of cooking meat from the steakhouse downstairs that was lingering over part of their work space. They had brought the matter to the attention of the Facilities Department last fall, but the smells persisted. Several BizDay employees were suffering health effects, including burning eyes and breathing issues, from what had been dubbed a “meat cloud.”

Complaints of the smell first surfaced in 2012, when the "persistent smell of burning animal flesh" was said to be prevalent from the very second anyone entered the office. The air was eventually professionally tested but results showed that it contained no harmful contents. The case was never solved, but ultimately the finger was pointed at the three restaurants that sit below the Times' office: Schnipper's, Wolfgang's and Inakaya.

The "meat cloud" became so well known that it even got its own Twitter account. And after remaining silent for more than a year, look who appeared back on Twitter Tuesday:

Although the smell poses no major health concern, the newspaper said that employees affected by the scent "have been temporarily moved."



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