03/11/2014 02:16 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2014

Here's How To Fix Those #TitanFail Connection Issues


If you thought the "Titanfall" excitement would be over now that all the gamers are finally able to take it home and binge-play it, we've got bad news.

Sorry, dude.

Thousands of users flocked to their consoles and PCs to play after last night's midnight release, only to get stuck staring at an "Initializing" or "Connecting" screen, unable to connect to the game's servers.

Realistically, we should have seen this coming. Server problems are fairly common for big-title games that attract an initial swarm of users, but despite "Titanfall" developer Respawn's reports of a patch being issued Tuesday morning for the problem, Twitter shows that some users are still having problems.

If you're still having trouble connecting, the best solution at the moment is to exit the game and reload. Though the "Have you tried restarting it?" solution seems absurd, a post by Adam Barnes at Now Gamer explains that when you're stuck on that "Initializing" screen, no data is actually being sent to the servers. Severing and then attempting to re-establish a connection to the server may help you skip the initializing step entirely and may get you right into the game.

The Now Gamer post also recommends that those users having trouble connecting to the servers should go into Settings and connect to a different data center momentarily, and then switch back to the original center. You should always connect to the data center closest to you, but briefly switching to another might help establish that initial connection.

The "Titanfall" Twitter account seems to approve these quick fixes for now.

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