03/12/2014 04:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dizzying Animated GIFs Capture Time In Motion

Gaze at the sky for long enough and you'll notice its piercing shade of baby blue mature into an azure wash that slowly gives way to an electric indigo. Watch for long enough and you'll see day dip into night until the wee hours when light pierces the sky once again.

Of course, this entire jaw-dropping yet time consuming phenomenon requires around 24 hours to behold. Unless you're looking at a GIF, of course, where the stunning transformation occurs in a matter of seconds.


Fong Qi Wei made our unusual time-passing fantasy scenario a reality with "Time in Motion," a series of hypnotic GIFs that capture the passage of time in a single moving image. To create the metropolitan mashups, the artist took photos at various times of day from a single vantage point, capturing not only the changes in light but also the passing cars, illuminated windows, passersby, etc.

Wei collapsed the various visual moments into a kaleidoscopic fluid collage, turning the city into a personal lava lamp. The visual loops, spinning to eternity, show the circular motion of time's passage as well as the consistent nature of change. Yup, these are some deep GIFs.