03/12/2014 02:20 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2014

Lara Logan Still On Leave Of Absence From '60 Minutes'


Lara Logan remains on a leave of absence from "60 Minutes," and there is still no word on when she will be returning.

Logan was suspended from CBS News in November after airing a botched and discredited report on the October 27 Benghazi attack. The network announced Thursday that CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker would be leaving Los Angeles to join "60 Minutes," and questions quickly grew about whether or not Whitaker's arrival meant the show was permanently replacing Logan.

CBS News deflated these theories in an email to Poynter Wednesday:

"Lara is still on a leave of absence and Bill Whitaker’s appointment has nothing to do with her," the communications executive director for CBS News and '60 Minutes' wrote.

Word of Logan's return has been uncertain as of late due to several contradicting reports. In December, Politico wrote that Logan and her producer would return to '60 Minutes' as early as January 2014. That date has, of course, passed.



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