03/12/2014 12:03 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2014

Naomi Campbell Gets A Master Class In Shade-Throwing From NeNe Leakes (VIDEO)

Naomi Campbell is probably the last person that needs a lesson in throwing shade, aka the art of publicly and cunningly denouncing or disrespecting others. We've definitely seen the iconic supermodel do plenty of it over the years -- it's part of her enduring, um, charm.

But practice makes perfect, which is why Naomi enlisted the help of reality TV star and shade-thrower extraordinaire, NeNe Leakes, to help perfect her skills. The two divas came together during a promo video for Naomi's model competition show, "The Face." After giving NeNe a quick tutorial on how to walk the runway like the legend that she is, Naomi finally received her shade-throwing master class.

In short, NeNe's advice goes something like this:

"Just, if somebody is saying something that you really don't care to hear, then you be like, 'Guuurl … boop!' ... It's like 'Cut it out!' ... And then turn that Afro, honey, and keep it moving."

Check out all the shade-throwing and strutting in the video above.



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