03/12/2014 03:27 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2014

'Real Life Tinder' Video Portrays The Dating App With Ruthless Accuracy


A young, blonde woman saunters about a public place, surrounded by a bevy of men who gesture that they might be vaguely attracted to her. She's not really that into it, and with very minimal effort, eliminates them from her sight.

This, for better or for worse, isn't actually possible in the real world. Luckily, we have Tinder to manifest our snap judgements in the interest of efficient dating. Tinder's approach has become so normalized that even celebrities are joining in on the finger-swiping fun. But lest we compartmentalize the digital from the concrete a bit too easily, a video showing what Tinder tactics would look like in the non-virtual world serves as a reminder of how peculiar 21st-century dating can be.

In the video posted to YouTube this week, Danish filmmaker Rolf Glumsoe Nielson brings Tinder to the material world with ruthless accuracy. Business Insider did an excellent step-by-step breakdown with GIFs, but the video's real delight is the overlay of Azealia Banks' "212" and excellent use of Beyonce's "To the left, to the left" refrain to mimic the "swipe left" that dooms suitors to the virtual rejection pile.

The woman sends several men flying off the screen -- sometimes several iterations of the same man -- until happening upon a particularly dapper gentleman in her radius. Looks like he's on Tinder too. Will they both swipe right? Watch above to find out.

[h/t Nerve.com]



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