03/12/2014 10:58 am ET

When It Comes To Workplace Sexism, Millennial Women Suffer Most

Max Oppenheim via Getty Images

Gender inequality in the workplace still exists and Millennial women are most likely to say they’re the ones bearing the brunt of it. New survey research out of the UK finds 42% of female employees between 18 – 34 believe that they’ve faced barriers in the workplace because of their sex, as compared to 34% of Gen Xers and 26% of Boomers. Factors identified by both male and female survey respondents as contributing to on-the-job inequality included managerial style, lack of visibility and a dearth of confidence.

Stateside, American Millennials also believe that gender equality is alive and well. According to research from the Pew, 51% of Millennial woman believe that society favors men over women, 75% say more changes are necessary to achieve workplace gender equality and 60% believe that men tend to be paid more for the same work. Interestingly, American Millennials aren’t connecting these broad social beliefs to their own workplace experiences. Unlike their British counterparts, far fewer American Millennial women report that they’ve faced gender discrimination in their own careers – 15% compared to 42% in the UK.

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