03/13/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Kids Foods We Wish Were For Adults

Watch out kiddos, we're about to steal your snacks.

Ah, the life of a baby. Rolling around the ground all day, taking in the sights of the world for the first time, even having your bum wiped for you. Oh, and how bout eating food for the first time? Must be magical cause food IS magical.

In all honesty, we're a bit jealous of all they get to consume on a daily, even weekly, basis. Here are some of our favorites we wish they made in our size.

Happy Baby Happy Squeeze Caramel Apple Treat. It's been called "magical" by more than a few moms, and why not? It is delightful.

Cheerios. All. Day. Long. Cheerios. The childhood staple is a staple for a reason. They're whole grain goodness.
Flickr: kennymatic

Yogurt bites of any kind. In particular the Happy Baby Happy Bellies Happy Creamies. Taste like candy, but in a wholesome way.

Arrowroot cookies. Don't want to buy 'em? Make 'em.

Puffs and/or Crunchies! A controversial choice, sure, but when you're home from work and need a quick nibble, these will certainly do. Think of them of the baby version of Cheez-Doodles.
baby puffs

Pureed foods all the time. Oh, yea, the ability to have mashed potatoes and apple sauce as a meal cause YOLO.
mashed potatoes

Go-gurt Tip: put them in the freezer and you'll have frozen yogurt on your hands.
Flickr: JeepersMedia

Fruit & grain blend pouches. You're basically eating banana, cinnamon and brown rice or the like in pureed form. Delish!

Pasta and butter and/or mac & cheese. Rx: Eat all day, every day.
pasta and butter

PB&J. Your mom's favorite will forever be your favorite, too.
pb and j

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