03/13/2014 02:06 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2014

Beyonce's Behind The Scenes Video With Director Jake Nava Is A Peek Into Her Fantastic World

Invision for Parkwood Entertainment

In an ever-so-calculated manner, Beyonce has released a behind-the-scenes peek and discussion with director Jake Nava, with whom she's been collaborating for 12 years. Nava takes diehard Bey fans on a journey into the making of "Partition," "***Flawless" and "Grown Woman," off of Beyonce's 2013 visual album.

The video provides fans with some incredible anecdotes, including an explanation as to how they quickly shot Jay Z's "Partition" cameo in Paris -- with the assistance of police escort -- so he could jump on a chopper to make his London show.

"How I feel still inspired to work with her, it's because she's still clearly one of the most interesting, talented artists in the world," said Nava.

Watch the magic unfold below: