03/13/2014 11:45 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2014

Colbert Outdoes Fox News In Rage Over Obama's 'Between Two Ferns' Appearance

Fox News was furious over Barack Obama's appearance on "Between Two Ferns," the Funny Or Die-produced series starring Zach Galifianakis. Since the video's release on Tuesday, multiple Fox hosts and pundits have admonished the president for demeaning his office and not focusing on the real issues (like Benghazi, of course).

But when it comes to righteous indignation, Stephen Colbert is the king. Teeing up his segment on the controversy, Colbert noted that, "'Funny or die' is also the ultimatum you get from Obama's death panel." And it only got outrag-ier from there.

"By going on that web show, Barack Obama undermined the authority of the presidency... and that is Fox News' job."

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