03/13/2014 01:36 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2014

Hal Douglas Dead: Legendary Movie Trailer Voice-Over Artist Dies At 89

Legendary voice-over artist Hal Douglas has died at the age of 89, due to complications from pancreatic cancer, reports The New York Times.

Though many may not have known his name, they likely knew his voice. Douglas was known as one of the best voice-over talents in the industry, along with Don Morrow, 87, who voiced the "Titanic" trailer, and Don LaFontaine, who died in 2008.

It was Douglas' dramatic baritone behind trailers for films such as "Philadelphia," "Forrest Gump," "Meet the Parents," "Lethal Weapon," and many more, according to TMZ.

Douglas is survived by his wife, Ruth Francis Douglas, their daughter, Sarah, and two sons from a previous marriage, Jeremy and Jon. Douglas died on Friday, March 7, in his home in Lovettsville, Va., according to the Times.