03/13/2014 04:03 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2014

Investment Banker Who Quit To Launch A Startup: 'I Was Way Too Overpaid' (VIDEO)

For most people, earning a lot of money and doing a minimal amount of work sounds ideal. But for entrepreneur Hayden Williams, the cushy investment banker lifestyle was not fulfilling. He joined HuffPost Live to discuss his decision to quit his lucrative job and launch a startup.

"I just felt like I was way too overpaid," Williams said to host Caitlyn Becker. "I did investment banking for 3.5 years, and every year I just got paid a little bit more, but yet my responsibilities were largely the same -- I was just kind of churning out a lot of Powerpoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets."

A promotion helped Williams see that he wasn't enjoying his career. "I got promoted and I kind of realized, I don't want to be my bosses -- not because I don't look up to them or I don't like them, [but] that's not what I want to do -- and if I stay here, the golden handcuffs will just get stronger and I will never leave. I just want to be creative and I wanted to build something, and so I just had to leave."

Williams acknowledged that his hefty banking paycheck was useful when trying to launch a new business. "That's when being overpaid came in handy, where I had saved up a good bit of money just from working, so I had that safety net to go and work on a startup."

But he didn't immediately know that he wanted to start his company, Treatings. "It wasn't my goal at first. I was just looking, thinking, 'what can I do, if I have any transferable skills, what can I do? I wish I could talk to people over coffee and just learn about other potential transitions.'"

"And that's exactly what I decided to create. It's a platform where everyone is open to talking about their work over coffee, so luckily I had the savings to be able to do that and not make money for a little while."

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