03/13/2014 12:58 pm ET

Democrats And Republicans Split On The Effects Of Obamacare

Bloomberg via Getty Images

When it comes to opinions on the effects of Obamacare, Democrats and Republicans might as well be living in different worlds.

According to a survey released Wednesday by Bloomberg, Republicans and Democrats have almost opposite reactions, when asked how the law has affected people around them.

A 59 percent majority of Republicans answered that the law has hurt someone that they know, while 19 percent said they know someone whom the law has helped.

Among Democrats the results are reversed: 48 percent said they know someone who has been helped by the law, and 19 percent said they know of someone who has been hurt by it.

“Party identification and political ideology track responses to the question more closely than do traits such as income, education and race that usually are more closely linked to differences in health-coverage experiences,” Bloomberg's Mike Dorning noted.

Overall, the poll found the highest support for the law since Bloomberg began surveying the topic. Sixty-four percent of respondents favored either small modifications to the law or leaving it alone, while 34 percent favored repeal.

The Bloomberg poll was conducted March 7-10 among 1,001 American adults.



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