03/14/2014 09:31 am ET Updated Mar 14, 2014

'Jeopardy!' Villain Arthur Chu Says He's More Of An Antihero, Like Walter White

Sometimes, if you take the risk of doing something outside the norm, people may label you the bad guy.

That's what happened to Arthur Chu, the unconventional "Jeopardy!" champion who finally lost after his 12-day winning streak on Wednesday, March 12. Chu was villainized for deviating from the traditional method of playing the game (answering questions one-by-one in each category). Instead, the clever Chu decided to switch things up and jump around the "Jeopardy!" board to throw off his opponents, and to dig for Daily Doubles.

Chu likens himself to more of an antihero than a villain, however, telling Entertainment Weekly, "People say I’m the Walter White of 'Jeopardy!' It was something that made 'Jeopardy!' different for a while and I think a lot of people appreciated that."

But Chu does have a soft spot for some famous fictional bad guys, especially Syndrome from "The Incredibles," whom he says he sympathizes with. "It totally was like, if you don’t have super powers, why not use your brain to try to figure out a way to give yourself super powers? I don’t see why that’s a bad thing," Chu told EW.

For all the haters out there who still see Chu as a bad guy, he has a message for them from a character, David Chu, from the Amazon series "Betas." "This would be my quote for people who don’t like watching me play on 'Jeopardy!': ‘That sounds like a ‘you’ problem, like a Chu problem.’"



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