03/14/2014 06:36 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2014

This Man's 'Winter Challenge' Is Absolutely Everything

When your chainsaw isn't long enough to cut a hole through ice that's buried under several feet of snow, most would take that as a welcome sign to give up and retreat to the safety of the warm indoors.

Not Quinn Barabash.

"Captain Quinn" took that as a sign he'd need to use an auger, which he then used to drill holes through the 18 inches of ice, all so he could dunk himself into the freezing waters of the lake below.

In a highly entertaining video of the ordeal, Barabash refers to his icy bath as the "Winter Challenge." What's that, you ask? "Basically it's just a challenge to jump into some frigid winter waters near you, and then get up and get out and nominate someone that you know," he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

To Barabash's credit, his attire -- jean shorts and a fur-lined Trapper Hat -- is appropriate for the occasion, as is his tirelessly upbeat attitude.

"Baywatch in the North!" he yells as he leaps through chest-deep snow.

There's really no satisfactory answer to the "Why?" question, except that this is apparently something cold-weather dwellers do. In a separate CBC article, a guest speculated the Winter Challenge was a way for stir-crazy folks to get a grip on their cabin fever. Please don't try this at home.

Watch Captain Quinn's Winter Challenge in the video above.