03/14/2014 04:08 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2014

This Video Proves First World Problems Aren't Real Issues

Having trouble ordering pizza? Tell that to the starving children of the world.

That's the jarring message of "Domino's Pizza Complaints," a YouTube video released earlier this week that juxtaposes whining in the first world with actual problems in other countries.

In the clip, two unnamed narrators read "100% real complaints" reportedly sourced from the Facebook page of Domino's Pizza Australia. The complaints -- along with their sometimes questionable spelling -- are projected in the foreground. Meanwhile, footage from refugee camps, humanitarian disasters and reminders of the harsh reality of daily survival for many, plays in the background.

"Extremely disappointing that the live pizza tracker doesn't track my pizza via GPS so I can follow its every move," reads one comment. The remark is shown over a video of aid workers throwing boxes of supplies to a massive group of people pleading for help.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Stuntbear, the duo behind the video, explained: "A part of [our] style of comedy is born from shows like South Park that often make a point (political, social, cultural) at the same time as being darkly hilarious."

A link on the video's YouTube page encourages viewers to donate to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

In an emailed statement to HuffPost, Don Meij, the group CEO and managing director of Domino's Australia, sought to distance the company from the clip:

We value all of the comments and feedback left via our social media channels and pride ourselves on being a transparent company – airing the good and the bad so we can continually make improvements. We did not collaborate with the makers of this video at any stage and we don't believe in drawing comparisons between pizza and the footage presented in the film - there is simply no comparison.

This article has been updated with comment from Stuntbear.