03/14/2014 09:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Ridiculous Things Our Editors Do For Fashion


At the risk of sounding like a Meatloaf song, we at HuffPost Style would do anything for fashion. Literally, anything. In fact, sometimes we have to laugh at the extremes we will go to in an attempt to create -- or salvage an outfit.

That got us thinking about all the ridiculous things we ladies do in the name of fashion. Whether it's relying on a bobby pin to secure our broken buttons or taking extreme preventative measures against summer's evil friend, chafing, here are some of the most absurd things we do in the name of style. Of course, all names have remained anonymous -- but feel free to share some of your tips and tricks in the comments!

"I don't have a small chest by any means, so if I ever want to do the whole Amy-Adams-in-American-Hustle, low-cut thing, I have to put duct tape all over my chest. It's not fun."

"I've used bobby pins if I have no safety pins lying around the apartment and I really want to wear a top or dress or skirt with a missing button that's not visible. It's not effective at all -- and it's a huge pain."

"I've also used bobby pins to fake hem pants. I can't sew. There I said it."

"I've definitely used Band-Aids as nipple covers when I don't have these and must go bra-less -- super painful, but it does work, ok."

"I've tucked my shirts into my underwear in an order to get a perfect tuck. Mostly it's just uncomfortable."

"I enjoy using black Sharpie on my scuffed heels, as well as employing a safety pin to close a necklace with a broken clasp."

"I've definitely ironed shirts and dresses with a hair straightener."

"...And straightened my hair with a clothing iron."

"I often wear black athletic shorts under flowing skirts/dresses because CHAFING."

"I put tape around my rings that are too big."

"In the summer, I put maxi pads in my shoes. It sounds ridiculous but it really helps with sweat and fit."

Of course, even though not everyone understands our love of fashion ...

... that won't keep us from continuing to do these things on a daily basis, right?



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