03/14/2014 11:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Israel's President Shares Disguises He Wore On The Way To Secret Talks (PHOTO)

Ninety-year-old Israeli President Shimon Peres took to Twitter today to reveal some of the not so elaborate disguises he once wore en route to secret meetings.

The images were taken in the mid-seventies when Peres was minister of defense and was part of secret peace talks between Israel and Jordan's King Hussein. As the two nations were hostile at the time, the trips apparently necessitated disguises, and thus we get these excellent photos of Peres doing his best to look incognito.

As a reference, here's what Peres looked like around that time sans-Mr. Potato Head disguise:

peres 1970s

Peres and King Hussein shared an ongoing diplomatic relationship that would eventually contribute to a peace agreement between both nations, something certainly worth dressing up for.

Peres posted the images on Twitter and Facebook ahead of Purim, the joyous Jewish holiday that includes dressing up. On Facebook, the president encouraged his followers to send him their best costumes, adding "I am sure they are much better than mine."