03/15/2014 10:34 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2014

What's Worse: Eating No Veggies Or Eating Cheesy, Buttery Veggies?

Even the best health advice can leave us with some enduring conundrums. We know how important sleep is, so do we get up early to go to the gym or capitalize on that extra hour of shut-eye? We know we should take more steps throughout the day, but what if we're only equipped with calf-tightening high heels? We know we should eat our vegetables, but do they still "count" if we smother them in butter or cheese?

There's good news and bad news, according to the video above. Adding a little fat to your veggies can help the body absorb more of their beneficial vitamins and nutrients, but the key word is "little" -- and too many of us are apt to go overboard. So which is truly worse? Check out the video above for the answer.



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