03/15/2014 05:07 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2014

13 Classic Photos Of Phil Jackson Back When He Was The Knicks' Hipster Iconoclast

Phil Jackson may have been the very first NBA hipster.

Decades before Williamsburg was gentrified or Russell Westbrook helped bring hipster chic to the NBA Playoffs, Jackson was sporting a beard and overalls while riding around New York City on a bicycle during his first stint with the Knicks. A second-round selection out of the University of North Dakota in the 1967 NBA Draft, Jackson was a member of the Knicks' only two championship teams in 1970 and 1973. Not yet the "Zen Master" but already displaying the interests in art and culture that would set him apart from his peers as a head coach, Jackson actually co-authored a book -- "Take It All," a diary of the team's first championship season -- when a back injury forced him to sit out the entire 1969-1970 campaign.

More than thirty years after Jackson left New York, the Knicks are expected to announce his return to the organization at a press conference on Tuesday. While waiting for the Knicks to make Jackson's leadership role officially official, check out these 13 classic photographs of his first run in New York City.

13 Classic Phil Jackson Photos