03/17/2014 03:43 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2014

Farrah Abraham Releases 'Blowin'' Video, Uses More Auto-Tune Than Previously Thought Possible

Former "Teen Mom"-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham has released a video for "Blowin'" -- and, no, it's not about that.

It's no secret that the 22-year-old had dreams of pop stardom. "Blowin'" is the follow-up to her 2012 album, "My Teenage Dream Ended," which included "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom," which Jezebel dubbed "the most horrible combination of sounds to ever be assembled in the history of audio recording."

Well, haters to the left as Abraham sings, "I'm blowin' (I'm blowin') / all these bullies away / Celeburty, celeburty, celeburty / Being yourself is makin' you famous," on the new track, which is so heavily auto-tuned that it borders on chipmunk territory.

While Abraham doesn't care what the critics have to say, she told In Touch magazine she's “in no rush” to release another album, and (fortunately) views music as more of a hobby than a career.



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