03/18/2014 03:04 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2014

21 Food Things Only San Franciscans Would Understand

If you’ve ever winced at the suggestion of Chipotle to fulfill a burrito craving, been laughed at for thinking it’s normal to wait hours for artisanal ice cream or felt taken advantage of whenever a Rice-A-Roni commercial airs, this list is for you -- and every San Franciscan who’s left these “49-square miles surrounded by reality” only to find that the rest of the world is a scary place where “Sushirrito” is a foreign word and people assume you eat every meal out of a bread bowl. Behold, our list of the 21 food things only San Franciscans could possibly understand.

21 Food Things Only A San Franciscan Would Understand

Correction: An earlier version of this story referred to Burmese food as South Asian. It is Southeast Asian.