03/17/2014 04:23 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2014

12 Steps To Getting Over Your Ex

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If we've learned anything from years and years of rom-com watching, it's that nothing eases the initial pain of a breakup quite like a good cry and a one-night stand with Ben & Jerry (or, you know, an extended two-month love affair with the boys -- no judgement here, we've been there).

And while that's all fine and well, at some point, it's important to take a step back and consider some slightly more positive ways to get over that ex of yours.

Below, our readers share the first step they took to get past the the pain of divorce or a difficult breakup. Read what they had to say, then head to the comments and share with us your fail-proof advice on getting over an ex.

1. "Do something for your own enjoyment, whether that means picking up old interests or discovering new ones."

2. "Cut off all contact with your ex -- and that includes social media. Delete his or her number from your cellphone, unfollow on Twitter and unfriend on Facebook. You need to completely detox yourself from your ex."

3. Give yourself some time with ice cream and comfy yoga pants, but then I'd say your game plan needs to be getting fit and finding a new hobby!"

4. "Focus on yourself and forgive yourself for whatever part you played in the relationship ending."

5. "Dump all the items that belong to the other person into a cardboard box, and place it far, far away from you outside."

6. "If letting go is your goal, yoga really helps."

7. "Jump right back into your life, no moping around or isolating yourself."

8. "Remind yourself that you're worthy. Take comfort in unconditional self-love."

9. "Two words: Retail therapy. Move out, get your own place and head out on a shopping spree to furnish it! Start your new life with new things and leave the past and all the baggage that came with it behind you."

10. "Distract yourself from the breakup by filling your time with something you enjoy. I usually give myself time to think about where it all went wrong, then I sit down and play some video games or binge watch TV."

11. "A nap -- or many naps."

12. "Whatever you do, give yourself time to grieve the death of the relationship before committing to a new one."

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