03/17/2014 03:34 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2014

A Year Of Presidential Elections In Latin America

With seven out of 19 Latin American countries holding presidential elections in 2014, this year is monumental for shaping the course of Latin America’s political future.

On March 9th, Salvador Sánchez Ceren of the governing left-wing Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) won the presidential election run-off in El Salvador—but barely. Sánchez Ceren won by just over 6,000 votes, a narrow victory that has provoked accusations of fraud and heightened tensions between political parties.

With one election down (a controversial one at that), there are six presidential elections on the horizon for Latin American countries. Here is a look at the forecast for each election:

Presidential Elections in Latin America in 2014

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