03/18/2014 03:51 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2014

Boxers Propose To Girlfriends After Bout; Both Come Away Winners

It was your basic boxing match. A couple of guys tried to knock the snot out of each other and then proposed to their girlfriends in the ring.

Wait, what?

In a very romantic corner of the sporting world, boxers Adrian Firkins, 44, and Ricky Welsby, 24, fought to a draw in Merry Hill, West Midlands, England. But both eventually earned victories when they took a knee, side by side, and popped the question to their ladies. Firkins' girlfriend, Debbie Tyler, and Welsby's gal, Nikki Vyse, who were called into the ring under the guise of taking photographs, both said yes.

The boxers told the Express & Star they were too preoccupied to focus on their fisticuffs. "The proposal was all I could think about all day, not the fight," Welsby told the paper.

According to other reports, the joint proposal was decided upon after Firkins heard from the promoter, Pete Jackson, that Welsby was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him after the fight, and Firkins said he had pondered the same move.

Jackson summed up on Facebook the fight that turned into a love match. "One proud moment," he called it.