03/18/2014 09:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Close-Up Photos Of Flames Show The Magic Of Photography

Artist Fabian Oefner has a way of turning mundane subjects into masterful works of photographic art. From painted balloons to reflective bubbles, he transforms seemingly ordinary structures into temporary sculptures worthy of a portrait. Most often, it's difficult to decipher what exactly it is that Oefner has photographed; nonetheless, the artworks resemble something innately beautiful.

His most recent project, "Aurora," pictured in GIF form above, deals with droplets of alcohol set aflame. Resembling x-rays of human brains or the monochromatic aftermath of a nuclear bomb, the fiery images are just as surprisingly spectacular as his past works. Both hypnotic and perplexing, it's nearly impossibly to guess what type of life force occupies Oefner's frames without reading the statement on his website:

"These peculiar-looking structures are made of flames stopped in time. To create them, the artist added a few drops of alcohol into a large glass vessel. After a few moments, the volatile substance had spread evenly inside the container. He then ignited the mixture of gases. As the flames travelled through the vessel, they formed into these ephemeral fire sculptures."

Check out the rest of "Aurora" below and let us know your thoughts on the works of Oefner in the comments.

Fabian Oefner Aurora

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