03/18/2014 01:55 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2014

Italian Baseball Team Player Dons Blackface In 'Major League' Spoof

Blackface isn't a good idea. Ever. Just ask Ted Danson. Or Julianne Hough.

But an Italian baseball team did it anyway, ruining an otherwise cute sendup of the 1989 baseball comedy "Major League."

The Crocetta baseball club in Parma parodied the scene from the American Express commercial within the movie about the sadsack-turned-winning Cleveland Indians. All goes well until a player in blackface -- mimicking Wesley Snipes' character Willie Mays Hayes -- slides into home.

Some viewers aren't letting the offense slide. "Parody Gets Real Racist Real Fast," Deadspin's headline reads. "Blackface isn't cool," one YouTube user writes.

See the offending clip above, and watch the original below.