03/18/2014 11:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John Wolfson, Surfer, Injured After Dolphin Collision

They don't think the dolphin did it on porpoise

John Wolfson, a 27-year-old Australian surfer and body builder, sustained pelvic injuries Monday when his surfboard collided with a dolphin, reported.

The man was celebrating his birthday with friends, surfing off the New South Wales South Coast when a pod of dolphins passed through the area, one of which rammed into Wolfson's board. Experts say the impact would have felt similar to being hit by a motorcycle.

"It knocked me off my board,” Wolfson told the Daily Telegraph. "I reached down to the wetsuit and it had torn it apart. There was instant pain."

Wolfson takes full blame for the incident.

"I was in the way of the dolphin coming through the wave and he didn't see me. It wasn't intentional or anything like that," he told "I kind of felt bad for the dolphin. He's probably got a bit of a sore head."

Wolfson had to be airlifted to a Sydney hospital, but was released shortly thereafter.

Liz Hawkins, spokeswoman for Dolphin Research Australia, told that the dolphin may have experienced "some bruising."

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